What is the Essence of The NeuroTransology Institute?

The institute and its offerings are based on leading-at-the-edge Neuro-Scientific research that has been conducted and continues to unfold around the main issues of human behavior. Understanding more about the connection between our brain and how we behave allows us to be more effective in:

We appreciate you taking some time to see what we have to offer. What is unique about our approach?

  1. Our offerings have  a foundation in NeuroScientific research with practical worldly applications.
  2. We know that learning in a lecture oriented setting has many benefits, and it is not enough. Experiential learning and activities are always included as part our offerings to add depth, retention and effective strategies.
  3. Successful, sustainable organizations are comprised of individuals who are happy and satisfied. Our offerings are based on providing  strategies that support wellness.

It is no secret that the success of any organization is guided by the individuals in charge and their ability to empower others to be successful and the commitment/attitude of the employees. We use scientific approaches in supporting the enhancement and success of organizations. The findings of NeuroScience research has provided us with clear and powerful answers to what it takes to create effective organizations that make a difference.

There are two key words that guide our approach to supporting your success…WHY and BEING

The WHY is the basis of you choosing what you are embracing and why you wish to accomplish it. The BEING is the core of who individuals choose to be that brings forth  being successful.

SUCCESSFUL organizations have 3 basic components:

  1. Motivated individuals who are committed to what they are doing.
  2. Individuals who have embraced the vision of the organization and have made it their own, and have the desire to support and forward it in harmony with others.
  3.  Exceptional results delivered by individuals who perform at a high level of productivity.

Are you operating at your highest level possible?  That is why we are here…to support you and your organization in being your very best.

Look through our website to see what is available for you and your organization. You may contact us via email and we also welcome your direct communication by phone: 516 343-3210.