The NeuroTransology I N S T I T U T E

What is the Essence of The NeuroTransology Institute?

The institute and its offerings are based on leading-at-the-edge Neuro-Scientific research that has been conducted and continues to unfold around the main issues of human behavior. Understanding more about the connection between our brain and how we behave allows us to be more effective in:

  • Understanding ourselves and managing our lives productively
  • Dealing successfully with change
  • Using Mindfulness techniques to enrich our existence
  • Making choices that support our success
  • Leading in effective and powerful ways
  • Reducing unhealthy stress
  • Empowering others
  • Delivering extraordinary results in our personal and professional life
  • Creating and guiding healthy, ethical and results oriented organizations

We appreciate you taking some time to see what we have to offer. What is unique about our approach?

Our offerings have a foundation in NeuroScientific research with practical worldly applications. Here is what is available for you:


* Executive Leadership Coaching

* Personal Coaching and Mentoring

* Couples’ Coaching

* Family Coaching


* Costa Rica

* Italy

* Austria

* France

* Argentina

All of our Public Safety programs are designed to support you as a community leader. The difference between our programs and most other Public Safety ones, are that we focus on your personal development and your continual success in interacting with the public. In general, our offerings support your personal and professional growth in four basic areas:

* Being profoundly aware of yourself; your mental model of who you are

* Having an insightful awareness of how you manage yourself…your feelings, your thoughts, your actions, and your behavior

* Encompassing an alertness and appreciation of the social landscape in which you navigate

* Successfully managing how you relate to others so that everyone succeeds

*  The Cuan Law, the largest trimaran in the world, provides a unique setting for conferences and business meetings in the heart of the Caribbean. With accommodations for up to 20 guests, a spacious main saloon, additional video lounge and extensive aft deck which can be used for meetings and workshops, it is the perfect place for an executive retreat for business leaders and team building events.

The Cuan Law staff is experienced in hosting executive retreats and offers flexible and functional indoor and outdoor spaces in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. There are 10 individually air conditioned cabins, each of which can be configured as either two twins or one queen according to the unique needs of each group. A range of facilities are available onboard – including wireless internet – to ensure your company retreat is memorable. Read More…

The benefits of Mindfulness are vast. During this retreat we will address and experience the advantages and virtues of practicing mindfulness. We know that happy, well adjusted and productive employees are essential to an organization’s success, and our purpose is to support them in being their very best in all aspects of their lives.

We know that learning in a lecture-oriented setting has many benefits, and it is not enough. Experiential learning and activities are always included as part our offerings to add depth, retention and effective strategies.

The findings of NeuroScience research have provided us with clear and powerful answers to what it takes to create changes that add value and make a difference in our wellness.

There are two key words that guide our approach to supporting your success…WHY and BEING

The WHY is the basis of you choosing what you are embracing and why you wish to accomplish it. The BEING is the core of who individuals choose to be that brings forth being fulfilled.

Call Us to discuss possibilities you can implement to truly create a vibrant and magnificent life.

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