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Personal Life Coaching

This coaching support is based on leading-at-the-edge Neuro-Scientific research that has been conducted and continues to unfold around the fundamental issues of human behavior. The main focus of this approach is geared towards supporting you in being your very best, without limitations! Some opportunities for you include:

• Understanding yourself and managing your life productively
• Dealing successfully with change
• Using Mindfulness techniques to enrich your life
• Making choices that support your success
• Making decisions that are effective and lead to powerful results
• Reducing unhealthy stress
• Empowering yourself so you are available to support others effectively
• Creating extraordinary results in your life
• Validate your worthiness
• Boosting your confidence and self-image

The success of Life Coaching is based largely on the relationship and understanding between yourself and your coach. Franco Marini, certified life coach,  has worked successfully with hundreds of individuals in one-on-one sessions and a variety of groups settings. Franco comes from a space of truly believing and seeing your magnificence. The coaching is based on how to access that magnificence, celebrate it, and bring it into the world.  Franco is fully aware that you having a successful and vibrant life, lies within yourself. With a loving, wise and neuro-scientific based approach, he will guide you in unveiling your true potential. 

Together, with Franco’s support, you will  look clearly to see who you want to be and what you want to accomplish in your life that will bring you full aliveness and satisfaction at the highest level. You will also explore your stories, barriers and mind-sets that have kept you from fully expressing your magnificence. With gentle and effective guidance, you will create a vision and take steps toward creating a life you have always wanted.

What You Can Achieve Through Life Coaching?

The possibilities of your personal growth and enhancement are limitless. Most of what keeps us from expanding into our full potential is the mind set and the stories that we have created about ourselves…often, we believe these limitations we have placed on ourselves are true. Through life coaching conversations, you can achieve:

1. Being profoundly aware of yourself; your mental model of who you are and how powerful you actually are
2. Having an insightful awareness of how you manage yourself…your feelings, your thoughts, your actions, and your behavior to produce limitless possibilities
3. Encompassing an alertness and appreciation of the social landscape in which you navigate and realize how you can contribute to your life and the life of others
4. Having a life that is truly satisfying at all levels
5. Breaking the barriers that have kept you stuck and move forward to fully express your magnificence, really!


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What People are Saying

Lisa, Brain Health Coach & Hypnotherapist

“Deep human interaction knowledge”

“Supports people in making a difference in their every-day life” It is so special to have my daughter, Lisa, share her thoughts!


Patrick, Executive Director Honor Yoga

“Creative approaches, effective, engaging and innovative coaching style”

“Provides thoughtful directions, suggestions and caring guidance”


Chris, CFO at Frog Creek Partners

“A meaningful experience that makes a difference”

“Understands how to support individuals to be their best”


Corey, Director at PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers)

“Unique and personal approach to people”

“Makes genuine, authentic connections and listens deeply in a caring way,  especially gifted at supporting positive change.”


Pricing For Personal

Coaching Sessions

The general rate is $175 per coaching hour. Please note, this can vary depending on various situations. If you decide to engage in 6 or more sessions, the rate will be reduced. If you are struggling financially and wish to pursue coaching support, let’s discuss what works for you. The main focus is to support you in having a life that is joyful, abundant and powerful. We’ll work together on the financial details that work for everyone. Call me at: 516 343-3210 and we’ll work on the details.

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