Business Retreats in Tuscany, Italy

Retreats Create Powerful Results 

The NeuroTransology Institute provides quality programs and amazing retreats in Tuscany, Italy. Create an opportunity for you and your team to spend a week in a splendid Tuscan Villa surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

Envision yourself in an enchanting 14th Century villa amongst the rolling hills of Tuscany. Your team will have an opportunity to be in an environment that is inspirational as you create a powerful way of creating a successful organization.

The interior of this villa is charming and luxurious and you will feel spoiled by the beauty and lavishness all around you.

Come spend a week in this magical setting with your team of like-minded committed seekers. This is a wonderful  opportunity to spend quality time with individuals who are committed to results and success.

Consider utilizing some days away from the routine to focus on creating a new strategy, aligning your vision, energizing the team, and addressing those troublesome issues that may be keeping you from operating at full potential. We are focused on results to help refresh your business plan, provide energy to a burnt out workforce, help you look beyond the normal business scope and create new possibilities for success while experiencing the magnificence of this region.

More and more businesses are catching on to the potential benefits of retreats. Business groups are discovering the energy in retreat settings that powerfully transform commitments of individuals to be successful.

Being in a natural setting and being physically and psychologically isolated from the pressures of work, retreats offer an atmosphere conducive to creative thinking. In the emerging global economy, personal buy-in and having ownership in the organization are vital in the overall success. To remain successful in a climate of change,  organizational rejuvenation is essential and ongoing, and it requires special attributes of flexibility and balanc

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The Villa is an ancient noble estate,  is situated  among the rolling hills of the Chianti wine region north-east of Siena  in the typical Tuscan environment of pine and oak woods, among olive groves and vineyards where it is possible to admire one of the most enchanting landscapes, captivating anyone who has the opportunity to lay eyes upon it. History has bound for many centuries these lands developing cultural centers and strategic defenses. As such the Villa Estate was erected in 1529 AD. Through the centuries the Chianti area has growth to being an important cultural and wine production center with farms such as Castello di Bossi, Felsina and others acquiring international resonance.

The Villa Cornacchi has a spacious meeting room with gorgeous views as your team  works together to enhance each individual’s contribution and team development.

This villa commands breathtaking views in this unique territory and has graceful landscaping which surrounds its beautiful lodgings.  As one descends towards the courtyard to the garden and swimming pool area, a one-of-a-kind landscape of the Chianti region near Siena appears. A rose-covered bower separates the 20 by 7 meters infinity swimming pool from the large 7 by 2,50 meter outdoor jacuzzi.

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