Retreats Can Create Powerful Results…

The NeuroTransology Institute provides quality facilitation for retreats at nearly any location you choose including fascinating international venues. Think about you and your team at:

  • a tropical resort with playful warm waves on a Pacific beach in COSTA RICA
  • a magnificent 14th century villa amongst the vineyards and the rolling hills of TUSCANY, ITALY
  • a splendid castle int the Cevennes Mountains of Southern FRANCE

Consider utilizing some days away from the routine to focus on creating a new strategy, aligning your vision, energizing the team, and addressing those troublesome issues that may be keeping you from operating at full potential. We are focused on results to help refresh your business plan, provide energy to a burnt out workforce, help you look beyond the normal business scope and create new possibilities for success.

More and more businesses are catching on to the potential benefits of retreats. Business groups are discovering the energy in retreat settings that powerfully transform commitments of individuals to be successful.

Being in a natural setting and being physically and psychologically isolated from the pressures of work, retreats offer an atmosphere conducive to creative thinking. In the emerging global economy, personal buy-in and having ownership in the organization are vital in the overall success. To remain successful in a climate of change and downsizing, organizational rejuvenation is essential and ongoing, and it requires special attributes of flexibility and balance.


Whether it’s to:

* Reward your team members for their productivity

* Tackle those tough issues with a refreshing change of scenery

* Do some team building in a splendid environment

…choose an exciting destination that will not only produce powerful immediate results, but also memorable long lasting changes…you work hard, you deserve the best.

Retreats offer these conditions with programs that nurture emotional, spiritual, physical and mental development. This holistic milieu spills over into the meeting space, the meals, and the accommodations. It is an atmosphere that clears away mental cobwebs and empties the mind of clutter. Day-to-day distractions and busy-ness are swept aside. Participants can focus on the goals and objectives of the meeting. There results a renewed sense of purpose. Creativity is nurtured in a retreat setting, especially one like Tango Mar that offers refreshing beauty and inspiring activities. Some of the best business ideas in the fast-paced global economy are being hatched in retreat settings.

“An annual business retreat is the most powerful thing I’ve ever done for my business and it gave me clarity of intention for my life and business like nothing else I’ve ever done. Knowing where I’m going and how I’m going to get there and developing the financial picture of that plan was extraordinarily empowering. Don’t delay in creating this process for your business!” …Donna Gunter, Biz-Coaching

Take good care of your team, celebrate your accomplishments, get some work done in a refreshing environment. Go on a retreat and create the possibilities of:

•Relieving stress
•Revitalizing  staff
•Bonding in special ways with co-workers in a relaxing atmosphere
•Renewing your sense of purpose
•Engaging with others at a deeper level
•Getting away from distractions
•Creating camaraderie within your group
•Regaining energy
•Creating synergetic interactions
•Aligning individual and organizational goals
•Getting  away and having fun in a magnificent environment

TREAT YOUR TEAM…International Retreats, especially in Costa Rica can be surprisingly affordable…in many cases less expensive than U.S. destinations. Call or e-mail us and we’ll go over the numbers with you. # 516 343-3210