The NeuroTransology Institute provides quality facilitation for retreats in Costa Rica. Visualize you and your team spending a week in a splendid resort in a tropical environment. Being in such a unique setting will empower your team with renewed business energy.

Consider utilizing some days away from the routine to focus on creating a new strategy, aligning your vision, energizing the team, and addressing those troublesome issues that may be keeping you from operating at full potential. We are focused on results to help refresh your business plan, provide energy to a burnt out workforce, help you look beyond the normal business scope and create new possibilities for success.

More and more businesses are catching on to the potential benefits of retreats. Business groups are discovering the energy in retreat settings that powerfully transform commitments of individuals to be successful.

Being in a natural setting and being physically and psychologically isolated from the pressures of work, retreats offer an atmosphere conducive to creative thinking. In the emerging global economy, personal buy-in and having ownership in the organization are vital in the overall success. To remain successful in a climate of change,  organizational rejuvenation is essential and ongoing, and it requires special attributes of flexibility and balance.

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